RFP: Rebuild Information Communication Technology Services for the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica

6 years ago

The Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica (GoCD) has issued this Request for Proposals (RFP)
for a rebuild of Government Telecommunications, Voice, Data & ICT Services in the Commonwealth of
Dominica, in response to severe damage to the island’s communications infrastructure, network and
other ICT services sustained during Hurricane Maria in September 2017 and Tropical Storm Erika in
August 2015, and the development of a scope of works for the design and build proposals for these

Rebuilding the GoCD network and ICT service approach should include consideration of rebuilding the
country digitally to embrace a 21st century architecture, enabling a digital service platform for the GoCD,
the country and businesses operating in Dominica as well as globally. The Prime Minister’s vision of
”Dominica becoming the first climate resilient nation” globally should serve to inspire Bidders in
proposing a solution suite that enables Dominica, all its stakeholders and growing tourist and education
sectors to realise this vision. The solution should enable E-Gov, e-commerce, e-education and a society
which will allow the GoCD to thrive in the Caribbean, as well as globally.

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