The Application process is easy

Step 1: Select the applicable form
Step 2: Print the form in triplicate
Step 3: Complete the form, ensuring to sign the last sheet of each form

The table below shows the relevant application, licence and spectrum fees for the various Telecommunications services in St. Kitts and Nevis.

TypeLicence Code DescriptionApplication FeeInitial FeeAnnual Licence Fee
Individual PMTPublic Mobile Telecommunications1000200003.0% of Gross Revenue
Individual FPTFixed Public Telecommunications1000200003.0% of Gross Revenue
Individual PRPPublic Radio Paging1000200003.0% of Gross Revenue
Individual INSInternet Network/ Services1000200003.0% of Gross Revenue
Individual SCLSubmarine Cable Landing10005000050000
Individual ISP3Internet Service Provision (> 25 Units)1000200003.0% of Gross Revenue
Individual BAMBroadcast AM Radio Station500500500
Individual BFMBroadcast FM Radio Station500500500
Individual BTVBroadcast Television Station500500500
Individual STL1Television STL Microwave500500
Class (Type A)ISP1Internet Services Provision (1-5 Units)100500N/A
Class (Type A)ISP2Internet Services Provision (6-25 Units)500500500
Class (Type A)VASValue Added Services50050003.0% of Gross Revenue
Class (Type A)AVTAudio Text / Video Text50050003.0% of Gross Revenue
Class (Type A)PNSPrivate Network/ Services50050002000
Class (Type A)ISRInternational Simple Voice Resale50020003.0% of Gross Revenue
Class (Type B)ARAmateur Radio
Class (Type B)ARN  - Novice255050
Class (Type B)ARG  - General255050
Class (Type B)ARA  - Advanced255050
Class (Type B)AR  - Temporary Call-Sign2550N/A
Class (Type B)CBRCitizen Band Radio255050
Class (Type B)FRNFamily Radio255050
Class (Type B)LMLand Mobile Radio200
Class (Type B)LMB    - Base Station$75 / unit$75 / unit
Class (Type B)LMR    - Repeater$500 / unit$500 / unit
Class (Type B)LMM    - Mobile$75 / unit$75 / unit
Class (Type B)LMP    - Handheld$50 / unit$50 / unit
Class (Type B)MMMaritime Mobile Radio200
Class (Type B)MMB    - Base Station$75 / unit$75 / unit
Class (Type B)MMR    - Repeater$500 / unit$500 / unit
Class (Type B)MMM    - Mobile$75 / unit$75 / unit
Class (Type B)MMP    - Handheld$50 / unit$50 / unit
Class (Type B)MMS    - Ship Station
Class (Type B)        -Ships less than 1600 gross tons300 / ship300 / ship
Class (Type B)        -Ships greater than 1600 gross tons500 / ship500 / ship
Class (Type B)AMAeronautical Mobile Radio200
Class (Type B)AMB    - Base Station$75 / unit$75 / unit
Class (Type B)AMR    - Repeater$500 / unit$500 / unit
Class (Type B)AMM    - Mobile$100 / unit$100 / unit
Class (Type B)AMP    - Handheld$50 / unit$50 / unit
Class (Type B)AMA    - Aircraft Station$500 / aircraft$500 / aircraft
Class (Type C)Class Licence (Type C)
Class (Type C)CPWCustomer Premises Wiring25100100
Class (Type C)TYPType Approval Certification500N/AN/A
Class (Type C)CIRCustomer Premises Installation and Repair Certification25100100
Class (Type C)TEDTelecommunications Equipment Dealer25250250
Special SLSpecial Licence
Special SLE     -Emergencies0N/A
Special SLX     -Exigencies200N/A
MiscellaneousEXMExamination Fee for Radio Operators30N/AN/A
MiscellaneousSEFInspection Fee5